The Great Hunt

Throne Room Blitz
In Which A Rogue is Spotted

     Yep. I got my axes back. I'm really glad that I don't have to fight to get them back. Traveling through the town, I notice that the folk here are rather disturbed by the sight of us. I'm able to pick up snippets of their conversations, and none of it is reassuring – none of them are very happy about what's going on. I would even consider them to be restless.

     Three of our number are still in chains and the guards split them off to the dungeons, I hope.. The rest of us are taken to the throne room. There he is. The King. The greatest Mystic Theurge in the lands.

     Except… He… doesn't look so good.

     I'll admit, I'm not paying much attention, but there's something bothering me on a fundamental level here. I'll have to pay more attention when we return, as we've been granted a brief respite.

     In the room we're given, there's all manner of interesting things. Archimonde is particularly interested in a teapot that serves tea. Our rogue lass befriends an animated footstool. I ignore all these things and listen carefully to make sure we're alone. Convinced that we are, I consult Archimonde about the lass that was demanded in exchange for our companions. He does confirm that she's with Hana, but we're intelligent enough to use a code – I confirmed with him that the lass is with my most recent trophy, a trophy that Hana is turning into a bed for us.

     Back in the throne room, some hours later, Archimonde is trying to negotiate with this woman. I'm willing to go with Archimonde on just about any occasion, but I've spotted something that the others have missed – there's a guy in the corner that's trying to be inconspicuous… and failing. 

     Seeing where this is all going, I point out this anomaly in the corner and demand an answer from the woman. Yeah. She wasn't expecting that. Illy rages into her bear-form and charges the woman. That's when it all hits the fan, so to speak.

     The woman casts some spell, holding Illy. Archimonde counter-casts. I move into position behind the woman, flanking with Illy. I don't know that she needed me. This woman is just ravaged by the bear. The woman casts a spell, and a spirit appears. I can't make it out from my angle, but it hugs the bear, which shifts back into Illy. Mid must've done something to the specter, as it vanishes into ash. That's when I slash my way into the woman's back, connecting the wounds made by Illy.

      I knew I had done a savage amount of damage, but I didn't expect… wait… this happened before… with the cultists! Her corpse exploded leaving behind only her robes and a mist of blood.

     Next thing I know, Archimonde is atop Takeo and charging past me. He's probably going off to kill that rogue. I'll have to see if there's anything left for me to kill…. nope. Looks like the rogue fell to a pair of arrows.

     With the death of the cultists, Archimonde and Mid heal up the king. He spends some time chatting with Archimonde, then starts blessing/enchanting the rogue lass' footstool… I guess… okay… maybe she could ride it like a mount? Maybe? I'm thinking it's just a pet.

     There's discussion all around. Archimonde pulls his last two flowers out and sings with them. Vertanion – that's the king's name. He takes Archimonde off to get him some enchanted and blessed water.

      At the end of all the discussion, Vertanion approaches me and asks for a favor. He wants me to watch over him as he attempts to purge himself of all external influence. If he should become a danger to others, I am to end his life.

     Archimonde and I both accompany him to his chambers. Archimonde plays one of his tunes, and I take a stance on his other side. Very thankfully, he is successful and we aren't needed to perform the tasks handed to us.

     We rest for the night, and tomorrow we set out do destroy the wall.

     In the morning, Vertanion summons a Hero's Feast. It's somehow better than my Ultimate Sandwich!

     Afterwards, we teleport to our clearing in the forest. I meet up with Hana, and after a vigorous round of "welcoming back" I talk to her about being my companion. Apparently, she's just been waiting for me to ask!

     It takes the day to rally our forces, and in the morning we partake of another Hero's Feast before teleporting to the wall. Vertanion consecrates the ground and builds a shrine to Corelon Lorethion. Archimonde travels to his grove, and prays, granting us a major morale bonus. Even I take a knee and pray to Moradin. All that is left is to start our assault. 

     Tactics are discussed, spells are cast, positions are taken. Then it begins.


A Seafarer's Log
Seriously. What. Just. Happened.

     Yeah. Still not going to question how he does it, but Archimonde got us transport. I still don't like boats. I mean… I get that we probably couldn't afford the gate spell we would otherwise use… Hippogriff! We should try and find someone that trains hippogriffs – or pegasi! Seriously, though. Anything but another boat next time.

     The journey (for me anyway) is rather uneventful. I help haul things around. That's what I do. It's all I can do to keep myself from turning a rather nasty shade. Plus, I don't think these sailors would like it if I were consistently drunk. That and I'm not sharing my ale. Nope.

     Land! They've spotted land! Thank Moradin! Maybe I'll be able to find some more ale… I seem to have exhausted my supply…

    What the!?!? We're under attack! And now there's an image of a mage on the deck?!? Surrender? What? Oh. Right. Some of my compatriots are from this land. They're also forbidden from participating in the Hunt. I'm pretty sure surrender is the best option. I don't think we can take another hit….

    Besides. We could PROBABLY break them out of whatever prison they're put in. At least… I'm sure I could break them out. Might be messy though. I should probably let Archimonde try and convince their ruler to release them first though. Seems like the more prudent first option.

     We're transferred to the attacking vessel. I tried. I really did try. I'm not so good at lying. I tried to convince their captain that my newest axe was intelligent. I blame Shirahoshi. I got the idea from it. Now I don't have my weapons. They say I'll get them back. I had better. Otherwise, I'm going to find some ale and take them back by force.

     Oh. Someone is going to die. Attacking and destroying a vessel for no good reason? Yeah. Someone needs to pay for this.

In the City
We finally get to spend our loot!

     Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of Archimonde having a hobby… I'm just not so sure what he's doing to this poor wizard would qualify. He's not physically hurting the lad, so I can't say I know much on how to help. Whatever he's told the lad this time has got him in tears. Off in the woods by himself? I hope he stays near…

     A scream! Wait, it's the freaking wizard!

     A mad dash towards the scream and it's the sorceress lass and I in the lead. I dash to with my axes and attack the tree(?) that's smashing the poor wizard to a pulp. We quickly hack and burn the poor Treant to embers, only to see that we're surrounded!

     There's a lightning strike from nowhere, revealing that there's a druid around. A quick glance around and there's a lass in the branches of what has to be the largest tree around. The tree doesn't seem to be moving. She's not far up. Rather than exposing myself by climbing up to her, I'll just chop the tree down. Shouldn't take too long with my axes.

    Okay. OW! That freaking hurt! This thing is ALSO a Treant! And it back-handed me! I mean… It uh… crap. I don't want to have to kill this thing. But… what can be done if the druid lass in its branches continues her hostilities? What if she convinces the Treant to be hostile as well? Oh man…

     Wait… what is it doing? It's got the lass in one hand, and it's picking up Archimonde! Oh crap. Please, please, please don't squish the Gnome!

     I don't know what they're saying! What are they saying!?!? Wait. The humming? The flowers? They're helping? I hope they're helping. Is… is Archimonde giving up two of the flowers? If it gets us out of here in one piece, I'm all for it!

     It put Archimonde down, and they're all taking off. I hope Archimonde didn't promise them anything that I'm going to regret.

     Yep. Nope. We're not stopping now. We're marching for the city, and we're not stopping. I'm kinda tired of being ambushed.

     Ah! The wall. We're in time for the gate even! The poor souls on their way out. I wish them luck.

     Time to upgrade some of our gear! Every one of us knows what we need. I need mithril. A good mithril breastplate. It'll be MUCH better than this studded leather I've been using. Maybe, just maybe I'll also get rid of Shirahoshi.

     The wizard that Archimonde has been toying with seems to know the city. He has pointed us in the direction of a good dwarven blacksmith. He's… well, he had the mithril I wanted, anyway. Kinda pricey though. No waraxes though. There IS another blacksmith down the road though. Yep. I'll check with him, much to the chagrin of my dwarven brother.

     He's an elf. At least, I think the elf is a he. Harder to tell. He's got a lovely selection of waraxes though. I even talked him into a trade. Shirahoshi for a lovely +3 Icy Burst waraxe. Yup. I'm rid of Shirahoshi! No more listening to it complain. Loudly. Shame that it's intelligent. Somehow, I just know that this thing is going to come back to haunt me.

     The elf pointed me towards a local enchanter so that I could get my new armor taken care of. He quoted me a price. I offered my shield, but he wasn't interested in the trade. Cash. Or… he needed something – a birthday present for his daughter. Ha! We've got a small collection of baubles that we've amassed. I'll see what we've got, make sure it's ok with everyone that I trade some small piece for a small enchantment.

     Ah! A tiara! And no objections! Yep. The enchanter even likes the tiara. I tried – and failed – to talk him into added a little something extra in. One of these days, I have got to work on my people skills.

     New armor? Check. New weapon? Check. Rid of Shirahoshi? BOOYA! Maybe I'll find a horse. A horse and a dog. Yeah. Horse and a dog.

From the Mouths of Dinosaurs
In which plans are made for crafting an awesome bed.

The prisoners are dead.

Don't get me wrong, they deserved it.

     It was probably even the more… humane(?) thing to do, considering what happened to their fellows.

     As our journey back to camp continues, we find ourselves in a cliff-side clearing.

Wait… what was that?


     I cut it on the foot as it trampled us.

     When I regained myself, I charged the T-Rex that was cornering Archimonde in a shallow cave. I got its attention. Hoo boy, did I get its attention. You ever look a Rex in the eye when it has decided you're the tastiest thing it can reach? Not. Good. Needless to say, I wasn't going to win this one.

     You know? I think I could live with death by dinosaur. At least, that's what I thought as it grabbed me in its jaws. Then, when it swallowed me? Yeah… No. But you know what? If I manage to get out? I'm keeping this thing's skull. It's freaking huge!

     A shift in gravity and I'm still in this thing, but I'm on my side now. Time to hack my way out of here. I managed to pull my dagger (despite Shirahoshi's goading that I should be using it) and met Archimonde halfway.

     Some breathing exercises and some healing courtesy of Mid, and we're back on the road. Archimonde's friend seems to really know how to find her way.

     Hauling the Rex's head with me is worth the effort. Hana is on watch and, I can tell, is excited to see me. We finish the watch shift together, and retire to the fire together to finish the night. The next day, after some suggestive discussion, she agrees to hollow out and treat the skull. I also left her my wolf pelt. A lovely bedroom made from a trophy? Booya.

Rogue-y Rogues Doing Rogue Things
...and then they all died.

     Yep. The more we talk about it, the worse this situation sounds. We could, of course, choose to ignore this group… but that would imply that any of us are capable of making a sane, rational  decision.

     My thoughts went along the lines of: ride Takeo into glorious battle and slaughter as many as I can before they can kill me. Archimonde pointed out that I'm just a little too big for that.

     Eventually we came up with a compromise: Archimonde would cast an invisibility spell upon me so that I could follow him in and protect him from the trap. And protect him I shall.

     One other point of contention in the plan: Shirahoshi. This blade is becoming a little too interesting. It tried to impose its will upon me, but I will not have it. Should it ever manage to do so, it will regret it.

     Sticking close to Takeo's flank, I kept my eyes open and saw the two rogues fall into formation behind us. Blowing my signal whistle,  I charged the closest foe to Takeo's flank. The spell faded as I swung my axe into the rogue. Poor soul. Also, probably a good thing to have kept Shirahoshi from tasting the lifeblood of intelligent beings.

     Fate smiled upon me and an adrenaline surge allowed me to carry my charge into the next foe. The second attack wasn't as glorious as the first, but was still a telling blow.

     Controlling the position of your foes is an important skill to have as a rogue. As is flanking a foe with another party member. Should have remembered that. One of the other rogues got into position behind me and both took their shot. I'm hurt, but no grieviously so. These boys must not be able to put a lot of force behind their blows.

     Naturally, a fireball bursts in the middle of the clearing. Must've been our sorcerous lass. I manage to dodge the blast, but the poor fool in front of me wasn't so lucky. That just leaves the unfortunate soul that attacked my flank. Two swings of my axe later and he's down for the count.

     Looking around, I seem to be alone with several fallen enemies and the cleric friend of the elf. Two of the rogues are still breathing and the cleric is under some kind of… I don't know. Better let the healers tend to him. But I can use the tricks I taught myself to keep the two rogues from bleeding to death anyway. They might come useful later, and if they try to escape, it's not like I don't have a crossbow.

Tigers vs Shirahoshi - FIGHT!
In which a (illusory) dragon is ignored.

Hana and I volunteer for first watch. Turns out, that was probably for the best. We both spot the tigers from quite the distance, but that didn't stop them from pouncing on us both.

Occupied as I was with my own tiger, I couldn't help but hear the screams of agony and rage from Hana. With my first retaliatory blow with Shirahoshi, I requested it create the image of a dragon rampaging toward us from the forest behind the tigers. Between that and Hana's screams, I think the rest of our party has awoken.

Damn, but these things can really hurt. Archimonde's voice is clearly heard as he casts a spell and I feel a surge of energy boosting my abilities. Takeo arrives and flanks the tiger with me in that same instant. Now, now we see whether the tiger has the mettle to withstand my blows.

Three blows, slicing through its vitals, and the tiger is felled. I cannot be satisfied. Renewed by the death of my foe, I strike at the remaining tiger. 

Holy crap. Hana was eviscerated! Her entrails have become her extrails. (Fonging. LOTS of fonging!) Surely fate has intervened to keep her alive. That and Mid. Mid seems to be pulling her entrails back in and healing her. 

The interesting thing is that our little rogue dealt the final blow. Didn't realize she had it in her. Gotta remember: halflings come outta nowhere. 

Healing all around and then Hana skins the tigers for Archimonde. One of Hana's compatriots offered me some bread and I made me a sandwich! Triple meat! Dragon, Wolf and Tiger! DELICIOUS! The bread was kinda stale. Ah well. At least there was bread.

Shirahoshi's manifestation seems to revel in rolling around. Might as well let it sit for the night and feel the open air…

In the morning, Hana and her group saunter off. I think Archimonde asked them to look for specific herbs or something. Kind of a shame. She and I could take down so many foes together. Have to see what we can do about that. Maybe I can convince her the next time I see her.

Our group has decided to return to our original camp out there where we killed that wolf… I think. I don't know anymore. All I know is I came here to protect the innocent adventurers from those that would prey upon them. So far, I've managed that. It's why I volunteer for first watch – that's when the party is at its most vulnerable – everyone is tired from the day's activities. 

Heading out, I sheathe Shirahoshi. But.. OW! What the? The blade is capable of frost now? When did that happen? I doubt that this is the only change at that…. Another conversation would be in order, it seems.

Somewhere along the way, we hear screams. It's not Hana! Too high pitched. I want to rush to the rescue, but Archimonde has decided that that didn't work so well the last time. I thought it went well… no one was killed! Well… except that druid lass. But she had it coming! Try and trip me up will ya? Not on your life.

It seems that this lass is meant to lead us to an ambush instead of being the bait herself. Not bad. Good thing there are those in the party that can sense that kind of malicious intent in a person. 

Don't ask me how, but Archimonde is preaching again. Tubatron. Sure, he's a god. But Moradin is the god of my clansmen, and I worship him. Though, with his preaching, Archimonde raises a good point. The wall HAS been corrupted. The Dwarves built it, but the Elves corrupted it. I kneel and pray to Moradin, and I can feel the Dwarven lass next to me. Between us, we are heard and answered. The wall must be purified. Either by destroying it, or… can the works be undone? Can it become a mere wall again? Likely, it would be easier to just demolish it…

Mouths, Water, Basilisks
There's a joke in there somewhere, I'm sure...

The heat. It's not as bad as the furnaces and smelters back home, but it's more uncomfortable somehow. Thankfully, Archimonde has a useful spell to make it more bearable. After a day or two's travel, we find ourselves set upon by these…. mouths! That's the only word for it. They're blobs that have multiple (and only) mouths that can stretch out and attack! They also seem to emit some kind of debilitating sound and a ray that can blind a person. I can tell that my axe isn't having as much of an effect as it usually would, but I don't want to take the time to switch to my quarterstaff.

We manange to subdue the mouth-things and find a spot to settle for the night. At some point during the night, we find ourselves beset upon by a rainstorm. The storm stayed with us throughout the next day until Archimonde decided there was something unnatural about it. Sure enough, and elemental was pestering us, centering the storm upon the party and nowhere else! Again, I thoughtlessly use my axe instead of choosing my weapon wisely and we eventually subdue the elemental.

The next day, we find ourselves cresting a ridge that overlooks the shore. As we look down upon the beaches, we see what we've been searching for: the other party! But… NO! They're surrounded by basilisks! Two of them are already turned to stone! The barbarian lass is still fighting, as is the monk. We charge to their aid!

Damn my short legs! Archimonde and Mid both beat me into the fray, but I will not be denied my opportunity at glorious combat! By the time I catch up, they've slain one of the reptiles, so I move to match my barbarian counterpart. She seems to have caught on that if we flank – which means she has to move a little faster and a little farther than I can – she can get in her hits, but I can finish the beast with ease. We make quick work of three or so and look around – all are now safe.

Meeting my gaze, I quirk an eyebrow at her and motion to the treeline. Apparently, she was more impressed with my combat skills than my poor attempt at woo-ing, and dragged me to the trees.


We now pause for a brief moment. Imagine what you will. A true gentleman will never tell.


She and I cuddle afterwords. There's no doubt she's shaken and doubting her skills as a combatant. I tell her the same things I tell myself in a mantra – you cannot protect them all. The only thing you can do and judge yourself upon is whether or not you try. There will <u>always</u> be circumstances beyond your control.

My clumsy words seem to help. I manage to skate around the fact that we've found proof that the rogue from her group has fallen. Then, for the first time, we exchange our names. Hana. Her name is Hana. Perhaps, should we make it back into the city, she would consider joining us and help me keep my compatriots from harm…

When we return to the beach, their two members that had been turned to stone have been restored! It is also at this point that Archimonde tells them all that their rogue, has fallen. Archimonde and their leader have a rather long discussion about the wall. I've never thought much about it, other than my ancestors helped to build it. Apparently there's a bunch of necromancy involved with it.

Night has fallen. Hana and I volunteer for first watch, but we are both professionals. There's no place for amorous activities when doing your duty. One of these times, I shall have to have a conversation with Shirahoshi about its abilities…

Nature Rebels...
Takeo is getting too hot

It has been several days of excruciating heat.  We received word from inside the wall via arrow message that an attempt has been made on the kings life, and that there will be no going back into the city.  But all of this falls away as Illy's white hawk, Verel, swoops into view.  My heart catches, simultaneously elated to see him and the messenger tube undoubtedly containing a message from my beloved elf, but also terror that it could be news most dire from her…or about her.

Holding my hand out, he perches, rubbing me affectionately before sweeping over to Takeo, they being fast friends of a fowly nature.  My hands shaking, I unroll the tube, and quickly read her missive. 


I hope you and Takeo are both well. I don’t know if you’ve heard out beyond the wall but there was an attempt on Aelharran’s life, and the “High King” does not fair well. This would normally not be a matter with which we would concern ourselves, I know, But I believe there is a chance that the person behind this attempt was once very dear to me, and if this is the case… perhaps he may have information that could prove vital to your investigation. I am leaving the circle to investigate, and will write you with any news I may discover.

With Love,


I try to process the information, but the details that jump at me are ILLY'S IN DANGER and WITH LOVE.  Gods of Nature, I miss her.  Deep in thought, Tayla leads us to go and find Arlo's group and let them know what happened, but I'm deep in thought, obsessing over what Illy might be up to.  Looking up several hours later, I hear the beat of wings and I dive off of Takeo as an emerald green dragon swoops upon us, showering us all with acid.  I look over at the Takeo's Butler, and I see his face melt off his bones.  Cursing, I yell at Takeo to take care of the dragon, I'll keep everyone alive and I hope against hope that the butler is not yet dead, his fate sealed, as it were, as good help is very hard to <s>intimidate</s> train.  Rushing over, I see that he is yet breathing, and I pull power from the ground around us to soothe his wounds before rushing over to heal the others.  Moving from person to person, I keep the party on their feet as Trombor and Takeo finish off the evil dragon.  Nodding to me, Trombor asks if I can handle this as I have the others, and I nod, plucking the best scales as carefully as I can, and chopping it for meat.  Takeo wanders seeking for seeds or anything interesting, and he returns, agitated.  I follow him, and we find a lair, clearly smelling of acid and beast.  Clearly the den the one we faught came from, if I'm a druid.  Acid is one of Nature's most painful and potent substances, and since we've decided to clear the den on the morrow, I'll be preparing us to not succumb to it's foul corrosive essence. 

In the morning, we creep into the den, warily scanning for any signs of more dragons, or, heaven forbid, some hulking monstrosity of a parent dragon, but I've little fear for that, as the greens are not exactly maternal.  Perhaps some brothers…

Coming upon a few smaller ones, yes, we probably killed their older brother.  Trombor rushes forward, and I let loose a yodel, and we make relatively short work of them, and I return to the surface to ensure we aren't surprised.  To my great and utter surprise, jaws close around me and my feeble attempts at stopping it seem to only amuse it.  "Yes.  Cliche of all cliches, the little bard is going to get eaten," I think.  Its throat constricts, and my body slides down it as I kick and claw to no avail.  I plop into its stomach, wet with digestive juice, and it begins crushing me, but I feel no burning.  I'm suddenly very glad that I thought to prepare those protections this morning, else I'd be burned beyond even Illy's recognition.  Taking a short breath, I concentrate and summon one of Lord Tubatron's special instrument weapons to my hand, a sword violin, and I begin to stab and slash my way out of the stomach.  Bursting out, the beast lies dead, Trombor pulling his axe out of it's face and Takeo poking it to make sure he's dead.  Shaking off the acid, I stumble over, pulling more healing energy from nature for myself and the others.  We find a body that clearly is Arlo's sister, and I say a prayer to Tubatron for her.

  We rest the remainder of the day, and thankfully it is uneventful.  In the morning, a light rain sprang up, giving us relief from the heat, but it became torrential quickly, another sign that nature is displeased with the situation.  Sitting atop Takeo, I return to thinking about Illy, but this time pleasant memories to ward off the chill of the rain, sitting with her watching the sun rise, playing find the seeds with Takeo, our kiss…

Suddenly, a gibbering mass of flesh and mouths and eyes, and horror, drops from the trees atop Trombor.  Mid rears his horse, charging it and stabbing it, it's mouths shrieking horror and distraction, but Trombor cleaved it in half from below it, bellowing in rage and disgust at its weakness, and we continue on.  We seem to be catching up to Arlo, and hopefully we will find him soon.  I lay down after my watch with Arlyre, ready to rest and recover from the long, wet march.

Too soon, a whistle brings me back to wakefullness, and I shake Takeo awake.  A huge water elemental has attacked our camp, but strangely there is no body of water that could support such a creature nearby.  Yodeling my companions to action, I warily skirt the monster to see if I can see what's agitating it, but rays of fire from Aspen and Trombor's axe actually make short work of it.  Nature is rebelling, rising, even, and to what end I know not, but I have my suspicions that the obsidian wall and the necromancy used to create and maintain it are at least partially to blame….

Here There Be Dragons!
In which a Gnome is eaten, but not enjoyed.

     Again, the gate does not open. I fear it is no longer wise to wait for the gate. Archimonde is able to do something neat, however. He located a small bird and used it for a messenger spell. While we wait for the reply, another decision has been made. If we are unable to go through the gate, we will chase after the party we helped the other day, the one with that barbarian lass.

     No worthwhile reply and we are off, using the whole day to march after the other group. I can't see where they've gone, but our rogue seems to know. It would seem they've veered off into the forest, but the day is almost spent. We've found an excellent camp site and hunker down for the night. As always, even though I'm quite fatigued from the march, I volunteer for first watch.

     Not long into the watch, there's a rustling in the bushes. Is that? No, it couldn't be! A dragon? A green dragon? Finally some action! Dragons are the most worthy foes! I blow my signal whistle and move to attack! I get in a quick hit, but… what is he doing? He's ignoring me so he can… HOLY CRAP! He's using his breath weapon on the whole camp! The only person he didn't get was me! I must keep his attention! I can't let him spray his acid all over the party like that!

     Before I can ready my next blow, Takeo sidles right up next to me and I can hear a bear roaring on the other side of the dragon. I finally have a slight advantage! I slash once more into the hide of this dragon. I've managed to get his attention. Why did I want to do that again?

    This dragon apparently isn't too thrilled with me, as he slashes at me with both his claws, both his wings, and takes a bite out of me. Thankfully, other than the bite, I manage to block everything but one of his claws. Enraged by its fumbled attack, the dragon reared back and unleashed its breath weapon again! I managed to dodge out of the way, but looking over my shoulder, I see that Archimonde is protecting his wizard prisoner and our rogue, taking a full blast himself! Gotta hand it to the bard, he's good people (mostly). Takeo, ensconced by an attack upon his master, Takeo jumps and lands a claw right into the jaw of the dragon!

     Looking around, not many of us are still standing. I know we picked up a healing potion, so I rummage through everyone's packs until I find it. Now that I've got it, I have a choice to make. Do I pour it down Archimonde's throat or Mid's? I think… Yes, Mid should do as clerics are supposed to heal people. Yes. That makes sense, right? Once Mid has healed Archimonde and the two heal everyone else, it's time for the second watch.

    My watch now finished, Archimonde offers to skin the dragon for me, which is right decent of him, considering how much he must have been hurt. I know it's healed, but still. A full gout of acid like that? Ah well. At least there'll be dragon meat for breakfast!

     After a quick meal, we have decided to track down the dragon's lair. Gotta find the loot, right? Aren't dragons known for their loot? Aspen! That's our rogue's name! She managed to track down the little cave they're using as a den. After a small discussion, it is agreed that I will lead in, but not until Archimonde has cast a spell of resist energy.

     Our caution is well deserved as we spot two dragons smaller than the one last night. It would seem we've taken them unawares as well! Takeo is quicker on the take than I am and charges the dragon on the right, leaving the dragon on the left to me. More dragons! I relish the opportunity to fight such opponents! 

     As I swing my axe into my dragon, I can feel the attack sink in, but the dragon looks like it still has plenty of pep! I manage another attack before the dragon is able to react to our charge and the extra oomph I throw into the attack deals a telling blow. As I'm readying my next blow, a streak of flame passes by my head and connects with the dragon's. Now it doesn't have one anymore.

    Glancing to my right, I can see that dragon is trying to do… something? We all manage to make an attack against it and Takeo once again makes the finishing blow. But… what is this? A roar? From the cave's entrance? ANOTHER dragon? We must turn and face it!

    Sure enough. Another green dragon. By the time I have it in view, it's bitten Archimonde and has him in its jaw. Gotta save Archimonde! He's the only one I really trust in this group. But that might just be because he can yodel… well, that and his chicken is rather impressive. Don't imagine Takeo would stick around without him.

     By the time I'm in striking range, the dragon has swallowed Archimonde. Swinging my greataxe, I throw all the strength I have behind it. It leaves a sizeable gash, but the dragon is still standing strong. What is this? The dragon is taking off? We can't let it leave! Another swing at its flank, but it's airborne. But… it's not leaving? No! It's going to… Yuck! It sprayed us all with its breath. Before it gets the chance to leave us behind, Arlyre throws a fiery lance at it and it drops back to the ground. From its hide, Archimonde cuts his way out. Don't think I want to ask what it was like….

     It takes us several trips, but we manage to haul the corpses and the loot back to our makeshift camp so that we can divide the spoils.

Awaiting The Gate
In which a shave and a haircut are only two bits.

     A new day. A fresh day. Yet we wait. Why do we wait? Right, right, right. We're trying to get supplies from the city.

     The gate does not open. The sun is high in the sky, as it was when it opened to let us in, but does not open. Some pound upon it. Other cast spells upon it. I know it all for naught. The dwarves built this wall. True, the elves enchanted it, but it was built by the dwarves. I have a thought. Perhaps an old dwarven knock will do the trick – how did it go? Bump ba-da bump bump tap tap!

     Still the gate does not open.

     After much deliberation, we have decided that they are spacing the gate spells along the length of the wall, and that it would be smart to do so – to prevent ambushes such as the one we fended off when we passed through. We have decided to travel further down the wall.

     We make our camp. Archimonde does his thing with the lute, and we set a watch. Always I volunteer for the first watch, for it is easier to sleep better knowing I've done my duty to my compatriots. My watch passed swiftly and without any concern.

     Hmmm…. that barbarian…. that's not my axe…. huh? What? An attack?

     An attack! I jump to my feat and grab my axe and launch at…. yes, the perfidious foe that is attacking Takeo! Wait, why is he wearing feathers? This fool. Even after I've charged in, he ignores me and continues his onslaught of Takeo. Why? Any fool would recognize that I pose the greater threat! I mean, Takeo is a force of his own, but come on! The poor soul leaves his flank open to attack and Takeo and I swiftly fell him.

     Is there another foe? Yes, yes there seems to be two left. One has the stance of a cleric, the other plays a violin. I charge the cleric, but there is no need. They have laid down arms. The violinist plays a mournful tune. They have surrendered. I cannot take their lives. I am no leader. I do not feel that their lives would be any better in my hands, so I leave their fates in the hands of my colleagues, hoping that they will see that it would be better to imprison them than it would be to slay them.

     My friends. They have chosen to slay our prisoners. I weep for them.


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