Fresh off the boat, then? Well, welcome to King’s Landing, and I hope you didn’t pay fare for the ride back in advance… But oh, never mind that. If you’re going over the wall, as they say, there are some things you ought to know.

First things, never go out alone. Many braver, stronger men have tried, and many monsters have eaten very, very well.

Second, look around — you have competition. You didn't think you'd be the only one out for The Hunt, did you? The High King has been calling for hunters from every far corner of the six kingdoms. Hundreds of you have been coming in on these boats every day. I was around for the last hunt, truth of it was, as many adventurers were killed by their own like as by monsters.

Thirdly, you must ask yourself, what am I doing this for, and is it worth it? Well, it takes all kinds, I suppose, but most do it for the money, and the fame. Bring the High King the head of the Great Beast — stop the stampede, and the hunt comes to an end. He's promised unfathomable rewards, anything your heart may desire. Money, power, glory and honor, women, land? The warm, fuzzy feeling of all those lives you’ve saved to tuck you into bed at night? Whatever it is that twists your particular knob.

So, climb a big wall, kill some monster… Doesn’t sound too terribly challenging as world saving goes, I suppose that’s why there are so many of you. But take heed, adventurers, for no one knows what shape The Beast will take, and no hero has ever been the same after slaying it.